For Beacon on the Hill Sports Marketing:   founded the company, setting it up to provide consulting services to the professional sports industry regarding business development in the areas of (1) team purchase and operations; (2) stadium building and financing; (3) fan plans for building and sustaining attendance and team loyalty, (4) generating significantly more local revenues through “40 Revenue Streams in 26 (mostly local) Categories;” (5) “smart growth strategies,” (6) PR and web portal strategies, and (7) using the "Master Mind" Brain Trust Consulting Approach, 2004-Present. 

For Peter Jessen-gpa/Jessen Enterprises, at www.peterjessen-gpa.com: in addition to collaborating with several other projects on this page, conducted confidential research, policy analysis, and business development/strategic planning recommendations, as well as "Think Tank" studies with recommendations in such areas as business development, communications, planning, corporate succession, relations with government entities, state wide political campaigns, public relations compaigns, and venture capital fund raising consulting for a variety of projects including models for turning professional sports stadiums into anchors for mixed use real estate development projects containing numerous revenue generating entities, developing business plans and marketing strategies and competitive analyses, helping develop content for cable TV programs, and assisting others in setting up independent internet marketing businesses. Available for travel and for conducting on-site research, consulting, training, etc. Developed, Summer 2000, a model and business outline for an exercise video/DVD about positive living for girls and one for boys, Portland, OR. 1999-Present.  

For Dennis Green Sports Marketing: consulted in the area of sports communications and Web site content regarding proposals and strategic and operational planning for projects related to sports and sports marketing, potential cable show on fishing across America, and models and plans for stadium financing, construction and operations as mixed-use real estate development projects, 2002 - 2004. 

Business Development Web Sites, 2000-2003:  Developed business/communications strategies and all of the content for these business development web sites:   Beacon On The Hill Press   |  Beacon On The Hill Press   |  Los Angeles Stadium/Coliseum |  Chargers Stadium   | The Minneapolis Story |  and contributed to Vikings Stadium | Dennis Green | Citizens For Fairness And Justice   | www.NetIntrust.com, and others.  Have also developed five presention web sites, privately foldered on line.  Actual building of each of these sites following my content was done by Ancil Nance. To learn more about how to use a web page calling card or a web page for business development, click here

For the Minnesota Vikings and their Head Coach, Dennis Green: developed/presented "How to Handle the Media" to the players at their 2000 and 2001 Training Camps, Mankato State University, Mankato, MN; developed corporate communication models and team PR materials, Mankato and Eden Prairie, MN, 2000-2001.

1999-2001: Developed SUCCESS WITH STADIUMSmodels: (1) developed the content of various stadium related web sites; (2) developed a model for how to finance and build an NFL or MLB or university stadium with little or no tax dollars, which would add $200 million value to any professional team, including a strategic plan for 8 ways to finance a stadium, an operations plan including 40 ways to generate revenue in 26 categories; (3) developed a full internal and external communications strategy. Judged as a model all pro teams should use; (4) contributed to planing for using it as a PR focus for generating public support for any desired new stadium for little or no new tax dollars; (5) Developed a plan for developing an investment pool strategy to ensure that millionaire players stay millionaires even through retirement through a 12-part investment compensation player plan; (6) Developed a model and business outline for an exercise video/DVD about positive living for girls and one for boys, March 1999 - present.

For Beacon On The Hill Press : (1) founded the company, (2) set it up to research and write books for others, and (3) developed and executed market plans for the books. The first is The Minneapolis Story, Through My Eyes, by Ron Edwards as Told to Peter Jessen, (http://www.theminneapolisstory.com), published in October 2002, with three other books in the pipeline, 2002-Present.

For Net Intrust and www.vikingsstadium.com (1) contributed to the content of these sites; (2) developed a model for how to finance and build an NFL or MLB or university stadium with little or no tax dollars, which would add $200 million value to any professional team, including a strategic plan for 8 ways to finance a stadium, an operations plan including 40 ways to generate revenue in 26 categories, a player 12-part investment compensation plan, and a full internal and external communications strategy. Judged as a model all pro teams should use. (3) contributed to planing for using it as a PR focus for generating public support for the desired new stadium. (4) Developed a plan for developing an investment pool strategy to ensure that millionaire players stay millionaires even through retirement. (5) Developed a model and business outline for an exercise video/DVD about positive living for girls and one for boys, Minneapolis, MN, 1999-2001.

For the Heroes & Dreams Foundation (1) Contributed content for business outline; package for investors and product programs; (2) researched/targeted potential sponsors to approach for four levels of sponsorship ($1, 5, 10 and $20 million), (3) contributed to the strategy for doing so and drafted scripts for presentation to potential sponsors; and (4) developed first draft of book on the founder’s story, Driven: The Story of 5 Million Steps, including two appendices dealing with conflict resolution models for resolving school problems and "recipes" for personal and professional success, Minneapolis, MN, 2000-2001.

For Wamnet, Inc., international division serving Europe and Asia. Developed "Ideal-type," "Analytic Model" of "10 Competitive Analysis Components," and then applied them both internally and to a major competitor. Title and sub-titles: "Through the Looking Glass Portal Into The Telecosm: The Roles of Portal Navigation In the Sinking or Sailing of Any Titanic Company. To Compete, Partner, or Acquire? That is the Question! … A Discussion of the Role of Change and the Change of Roles In Differentiating from the Competition As Heavy and Slow Change and Service Sinks The Iron Titanic, and Flexible, Rapid Change and Caring Service Sails the Fiber Optic Titanic" [WAM!NET is an international Internet firm providing Biz2Biz service (with a cap once of $600 million), serving the publishing, printing, advertising, entertainment and related media industries worldwide, linking three world-wide networks through 30 global distribution hubs, serving nearly 16,000 corporate end users worldwide], Minneapolis, MN, August – October 2000.

For the Minnesota Vikings: Developed/presented "How to Handle the Media," to the players at the 2000 Training Camp, Mankato State University, Mankato, MN, July 25, 2000 (to be repeated August 2001), and developed other corporate communication models, Mankato and Eden Prairie, MN, June - August 2000.

For Sandy Stephens: Developed communications strategies for Sandy's autobiography, Head Unbowed: The Sandy Stephens Story, including the book outline, business plan outline and communications strategies for the book and follow-up film, Web page, speaking tour, and more. Sandy was the first Black All American Quarterback (1961), who led the University of Minnesota to its only National Championship (1960) and the University's only Rose Bowl victory (1962), the game's MVP, and the only Minnesotan in the Rose Bowl's Hall of Fame, Minneapolis, MN, 1999-2000, until his untimely death in May 2000.

For Hyperport International, Phase II of Mall of America: Developed a business development content outline for this $1.3 billion project, providing (1) a methodology for identifying and selecting, acquiring and involving, content providers, sponsors, data providers, and investors, (2) a methodology for how to qualify them for participation in the development of this international showcase to display new technology and train people how to use it, (3) recommendations for how to use information companies and agencies for communications and for developing E-commerce, both joint physical and virtual (Internet) space, and (4) outlines for various activities to meet needs to provide content for entertainment, tourism, discovery learning/edutainment, distance learning, space exploration spin-off businesses, and high-tech business solutions, Minneapolis, MN, 1998-1999.

For EdView, Inc. (1) Served on Educational Advisory Board of this private sector Internet company which compiled sites for elementary, middle, and high schools. (2) Consulted regarding approach to and statements to use by the 21 national educational associations endorsing EdView. (3) Brokered educational software licensing agreement between EdView and a Taiwan Co. EdView was sold to Apple Computer. Minneapolis, MN, 1997-1998.

For The Children Are Forever Foundation. (1) Served as business development consultant, writer, and investor fundraiser. Developed communications, endorsements, and business outline with business development expansion plans. (2) Developed founder’s book, The Terry Hitchcock Story: MegaMarathon 2000, and shorter pieces for other publications (this was a predecessor effort to the Heroes & Dreams Foundation and its book, as noted above), Minneapolis, MN, 1996-1998.

For Aqua Technologies, an experimental fish farm: developed its expansion Business Plan, Orangeville, Illinois company, 1993.

For Toro, Inc.: Irrigation, Division, developed communications and management re-structuring strategies; and delivered outplacement services, Riverside, CA, 1992.1998-2000: Key Business Developing Consulting

Developed a competitive analysis model: Positioning for Top and Bottom Line Success: A Model for Corporate Competitive Analysis: 10 "Ideal Type" Analysis Components for Use as a Standard for Comparison, November 20, 2000 (adapted from a paper of 10-30-00).

Developed a generic communications strategy consulting approach, "Communications Strategy Play Book and Game Plan for Increasing Corporate and Individual Influence Over Events and Perceptions," including a base line of 50 Models of Communications Strategies on which to build/develop a new strategic approach for modifying/changing an existing one, July 2000 and 2001.

"Postscript on the Columbine Tragedy: From Pessimism to Possibilities: Solving the "Rubik's Cube" of Teenagers and Education," June 2000. An abridged version will appear as an appendix to Driven, A Story of 5 Million Steps (which was completed in 1998).

"14 Models for Conflict Resolution," including 7 macro models (nation to nation, national institutions) and 7 micro models (face-to-face), first developed in 1998, and expanded to 5 +5 in June 2000, and to 7 + 7 in May 2001.

"Lists and Recipes for Personal and Professional Success," April 1998. An abridged version will appear as an appendix in Driven, A Story of 5 Million Steps, draft completed in August 1999.

"The Science & Art of Sales Networking: The Routines and Rituals of Sound Bites and Sound Offs," The Sales Networking and Leads Group, Progress Downs Golf Course, Beaverton, Oregon, March 6, 1996.

3 papers written on the Internet Revolution as it relates to Education, and Distant Learning, 1997-1998.


Jessen Associates, Inc., 9 West 57th St., NYC, Jessen Career Change Centers, Inc., 261 Madison Avenue, NYC, and Executive Employment Services, Inc., McLean, VA. Consulted to individual executives and to client companies. Corporate clients included Walt Disney Productions, Tambrands, AMAX Specialty Metals Company, and Young and Rubicam.

Developed an Outplacement training manual, which was used by five OP companies.

Selected as a keynote speaker for a careers conference in NYC, sponsored by AT&T and Ford Motor Company. Other presentations before corporate and government groups.

Selected as columnist for the magazine of the National Association of Female Executives, with the plan of using the proposed series of articles as a premium for new NAFE members.


Consulted to development project for the entire East end of Puerto Rico: residential, educational, and destination vacation resort, Fall 1974.

Developed proposal for New Town for Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Planning, based on plan for Cummins Engine in Indiana, in 1974.

Developed proposal to Cummins Engine, in Indiana, for consortium of eight companies to develop and build a new town targeted for employees of Cummins Engine, 1973.

Held discussions with Walt Disney Company, and made a series of proposals, including how to turn EPCOT into a "new town" or develop a new on the Disneyworld property, per the original Walt Disney Plan, as well as made proposals for additional theme areas, education research centers and scholar institutes, and other property developments, 1973-79.

For Data Solutions Corporation: Director, Policy Analysis Division, doing policy management/ development/implementation/evaluation for major contracts with the U.S. Navy, 1978-1981.

For Congressman Henry Reuss, Milwaukee, Wis. Produced and directed a TV program for use in the schools regarding drug use and abuse, 1973.

For the office of Senator Mark Hatfield, Oregon, Developed research for legislation dealing with neighborhood development, 1972.

Research and Policy Analysis for Three U.S. National Commissions, (1) on Marijuana and Drug Abuse, 1971-72; (2) on UNESCO, 1972, and (3) on Neighborhoods, 1978-79.

For the Smithsonian Institution: International Symposium on Culture Change and major exhibit on drug use and abuse, including meetings a the White House and at NIMH, 1970

Doctoral work in Sociology at Rutgers University, 1971—1983 (1975-78 on campus).


For The Rouse Company, Columbia, MD: community planning (plan for community meeting facility inside Frank Gehry designed corporate HQ building and plan for youth managed mini-shopping center of downtown center).

For the Lutheran Church in America, NY, NY, developed a proposed distance-learning program for their seminaries using closed circuit television, 1969.

For The U.S. Army: drafted, commissioned, and honorably discharged. Held highest leadership position for each training phase (Basic Training, Advanced Infantry Training, and Infantry Officer Candidate School). Served on the General Staff of US Continental Army Command, Ft. Monroe, VA. Developed three national Army conferences (on GED education, safety, and EEO/morale and welfare).

Additional Background of Peter J. Jessen

Annotated Compilation, 60 pages, made during the mid-1990's, including entrees from the personal success, personal growth and self-improvement literature.

Taught part time at 7 colleges and universities, 1975-1992. Courses taught include strategic planning, at a graduate business school; Human Services Planning and Administration at both graduate and undergraduate levels, and, at the undergraduate level: Strategic Planning; American Minorities; Social Inequality and Social Stratification; Social Psychology; Social Movements, and Senior Seminar on Theory: "Special Topics in Sociology and Anthropology."

Compiled/edited 8 readers, 1989-91, for college classes taught, including writing 22 papers for them.

15 guest lectures at 9 universities and colleges, including The Naval Academy, The American University, The University of Maryland, and George Washington University.

Several key note presentations for regional and national conferences, including a Commencement Address for the Joint ROTC of Gustavus Adolphus College and Mankato State University.

Have conducted leadership training/motivation presentations in school classes and for middle school and high school student councils.

Have arranged middle and high school assemblies on violence and on drinking/driving.

Have taught confirmation classes to 7th and 8th graders, 1992-2000, finally developing a "Spiritual Tool Box" manual for use in "equipping" themselves for "living" in the world, based on leading contemporary success writers and Biblical truths for living, 1999-2000.

Silent Witness On Domestic Violence Project: Gave "Hands are for helping, not hurting" presentations at joint sessions between a Lutheran church and its neighboring Roman Catholic Church next door, before both youth and adults, 1999 and 2000.

"Comments and Proposals for Collaborative Solutions Regarding 'The Economics of Racism'," at the Economics of Racism Forum, Metropolitan Council, at Earle Brown Continuing Ed Center, St. Paul Campus, University of Minnesota, December 9, 1992 (edited with Appendix, December 16, 1992).

In depth presentations on the works of:

Mary Pipher: Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls and The Shelter of Each Other: Rebuilding Our Families

Stephen Covey: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families

Dale Carnegie: How to Win Friends and Influence People

Robert DuPont: The Selfish Brain: Learning from Addiction and "10 Practical Ways to Drug-Proof Your Child"

Paul Stoltz: on overcoming adversity, from his The Adversity Quotient: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Benjamin Franklin's 13 areas for self improvement, from his Autobiography

Peter L. Berger, sociologist, author of many books, on a wide range of topics, including roles, social change, the sociology of knowledge, modernity, "mediating structures," capitalism/democracy, development in less developed countries.