137             III. COMMUNICATIONS
139                 1.   The concept here is taken from Beyond Spin: The Power of Strategic Corporate Journalism:  Knowledge Management, Intranets, Communication, Innovation.  See also Appendix K.
140             2.   “Corporate Journalism” refers to communication internal and external to the organization.  “…at both strategic and tactical levels,” for “how corporate communications is managed in this world will directly impact us all.  “Government’s strength is in its stability” (with its weakness “locked in bureaucratic inertia”).  “…the rise of the market state is going to be the new paradigm,” requiring a balance between “the three traditional pillars” of communication:  “information, education, and entertainment.”  Thus, “…the Web has created an information and knowledge flow that is available to all, in real time, and at no cost.  …this model of free knowledge for all will become the accepted paradigm.” 
141             3.  Thus, “The key…is…trust.”  This means “that internal communications within a corporation are going to have to reach a whole new level of excellence.  …  “Freedom of the press will become freedom of the people to discuss, disagree, and define their own positions in ways that were unthinkable before the Web.”  Thus, “we will communicate in drastically new ways.”
142             4.  And, in a world in which the census report shows that in the U.S., all races will be a minority in the sense of no one will have over 50%, communications with all communities, in state, in country, and around the world, is important.  125 million people in the world live in a country in which they were not born.  20% of those live in the U.S.  The U.S. is the lead nation of the world.  The team’s communication and focus on its markets must be global in its view while still being able to deal with the particulars and parts of the globe, whether out side its state or within.  This is why this model also emphasizes the necessary capability to deal with Minority Business Enterprises as well as Minority Issues Management, be they team, management, city, state, or world.

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