144             1.  Internal and external communications team to provide  quick responses to information and events.  The team can be or one person so designated to come up with immediate drafts to counter any story, information, or event that is counter to or sabotaging of the goal of building a new stadium or rocking the boat of the team, or it can consist of several people.  See the methods of Print/Broadcast/Internet Communications and PR OF Appendices J and K.
145                 2.  Develop “stump” speeches for both coach and owner, as well as suggested outlines for players.
146             3.  Develop an Internet approach that can generate public support faster and cheaper than most other approaches based on E-mail and other communication strategies.  This would be through Net Intrust.
147             4.  Build a Web portal, which can also be done through Net Intrust.  The airlines have made more money off their information systems IPOs than off their travel.  Do the same:  launch an Internet IPO team web portal, with all or part of profits to go to stadium funding.  See recent books Blown to Bits and FutureWealth (in Appendix J).  Content for the web site/portal, could include:
                          a.  Go beyond an info site
                          b.  Make an alliance with the team and/or manufacturers/publishers of the team’s paraphernalia in order to sell their products
                          c.  Take steps to become a special interest Portal, a gateway to the Internet for the team’s Fans
                          d.  AOL users are there out of inertia.  Special interest sites that serve as navigators will eventually rule the day, often in alliance with other, larger ones to share servers, etc. 
                          e.  Make an alliance with other sites, say ceoexpress.com (Patricia Pomerleau runs it out of Boston; great site), as well as Sports Illustrated, ESPN, etc.
                           f.  Become a web portal for the team’s fans, so that when they go to the Internet, your site becomes their gateway to the rest of the Internet, on with both a free side and a subscription side.
                          g.  Have an easy link for those who want to keep their ISP's (Internet Service Providers) so they can immediately click to having your site
                          h.  Stay away from indiscriminate banners.  Rather, have different boxes to click on (see how www.ceoexpress.com is organized), of which some can be those who pay to be there.  Such boxes could include: 
                              (1)  A click on box taking them to a calendar of dates related to the team’s events, player appearances, and other events various groups are sponsoring
                               (2)  A click on box taking them to the team’s commercial selling page.
                               (3)  A click on box taking them to a list of all of the team’s fan club chapters worldwide.  Urge their formation and urge they let you know about themselves; offer chapters web pages on your site
                               (4)  A click on the box takes them to the team’s Fan Business with which they can do e-com or biz to biz e-biz, or whatever.   Fan to fan business.
                               (5)  A click on box taking them to major articles, press releases, new stadium debate pieces, with counter point follow-ups to those which are negative.
                               (6)  Have links to major sports writers OR have a summary of major stories about the team with links to their full stories (see organization of sites on www.drudgereport.com)
                               (7)  A click on box taking them to either local retailers or on-line shopping sites which can sell them major computer and Internet technology, TV sets (regular and big screen), comfortable viewing chairs, pop corn makers (etc. stuff to have to watch the game with or by).
                               (8)  As fans are worldwide, discuss creating a web portal to the rest of the World Wide Web through the team site.
                               (9)  It is important to also provide links to sports info sources, such as these major sports sites:  NFL, Sports Illustrated, SI for kids, ESPN, local colleges and universities, etc
                              (10)  Provide a comprehensive web site in support of the Stadium campaign as part of www.[name]stadium.com  The web page should attracts both the eye and the mind, and immediately conjure up emotions of community and a sense that a solution of hope exists.  Lead with an artist’s rendition of the new complex, with links across the bottom.  The outline on the next page suggests an outline and a format with which to begin the discussions.
The League   League Sites Team Store    Sports Reports        League Teams         Help/Contact
The Team     News Room   Cheerleaders  In The Community    Stadium & Tickets    Schedule
Who We Are as [team name]                  
Why We Are Here
Why We Favor A New Stadium                
 [Team and city/region name]
• Community sense
• Offense sense                                  NEW  STADIUM COMPLEX PICTURE
• Defense sense
• Region/world sense
The [Team] Story                                                     or rendering
•             [Team] Traditions:
              The Early Years
•             Super Bowl Years
•             [Team] Today
•             [Team] Future
Useful Links
About Other Stadiums
Sports Links
News Links                                                                                                    
Investment Links                     Coach’s Corner                 Latest Updates
Research Links                        Players’ Corner                Fan Chapters
More Links To Internet             Captain’s Corner                  Community Events Schedule
148    Additional considerations for www.[team]stadium.com
               (1). Include video streaming
            (2). Suggest ways of adding even more excitement to the site
            (3). Make comments on ease of use and visualization
               (4). Re-orient to the fan viewpoint, not the team’s viewpoint
            (5). Add strong section on the material and non-material benefits the new stadium will bring to the team’s city/region/state.
            (6). Consider opening with value & benefit of the team to the city/region/state & vice versa
            (7)  Etc.  "Etc" is an important concept for it leaves the door open to new ideas and new understanding of the situation as it unfolds in real time, in real life.

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